Kivalliq Inuit Association Student Sponsorship

Student Sponsorship Program

The Individual Sponsorship Program helps Inuit gain employment skills by providing funding to participants enrolled in an approved employment training program or accredited post-secondary educational institution.

The program assists students by providing funding for Tuition and Books, Training Allowance, Living allowance, supplies and equipment, travel, childcare, and tutoring.

Living Allowance:

  • Students attending college/university are eligible to apply under the Student Sponsorship Program
  • Receiving $250 a week while enrolled in college/university
  • Student enrolment forms must be submitted within the first 2 weeks of each semester.

Childcare Assistance:

  • Students enrolled in a college/university institution are eligible to receive childcare allowances to pay for daycare or babysitter (Note: Children from the ages of 0-6 years old $40.00/Day, Children ages 7 – 12 $25.00/Day)
  • Your spouse must be working (your spouse cannot be listed as a childcare provider)
  • Childcare allowance is directly to the students and paid by invoice only. If you had paid and received receipts from daycare or babysitter you can be reimbursed from KIA Tuition
  • For tuition costs the funds will be paid directly to your post-secondary institution
  • FANS or ALTS will cover most tuition costs but if the tuition is higher cost than the approved budget you are eligible for top-up from KIA to cover full tuition costs
  • Tuition will not be paid unless an invoice is sent to KIA

Books and Supplies

  • If ALTS or FANS doesn’t cover books/supplies costs you may be eligible for support, if you provide receipts of books and supplies you can be reimbursed from KIA
  • If you provide invoice for books and supplies for your program we can make payment to you
  • If you are not approved by FANS/ALTS please provide a quote when submitting your application

Training Allowance

  •  Students may be eligible to receive training allowance if ALTS or FANS can’t fund the student for any reason
  • Students with no dependents received $325 a week
  • Students with 1 dependent receives $435 a week
  • 2 dependents at $545 a week
  • 3 dependents at $655 a week
  • 4 dependents at $765 a week

Student Handbook

Inuit Post-Secondary Education Program – January 2022

This student handbook outlines the policies and practices that are in place to make sure that the program runs smoothly and fairly for all students.

Student Handbook – January 2024

Supporting documents

Student Enrolment Form 2024

KIA Student Sponsorship Application 2024