Economic/Business Development

Economic/Business Development Programs

The Kivalliq Inuit Association believes in developing healthy communities by increasing their economic capacity through enhancement services and support programs for the business community in the Kivalliq.

The Kivalliq Inuit Association provides assistance for the various stages of a business by providing funding to investigate, plan, establish, manage or expand their business. Our goal is to help create viable and successful Inuit owned businesses that provide employment opportunities in the Kivalliq communities that they operate.

Business Development Fund (BDF)

The Business Development Fund is available to Inuit entrepreneurs and Inuit owned businesses that demonstrate need for financial assistance. A lifetime maximum of $25,000 is available in each of the five (5) categories: Planning & Development, Business Creation & Expansion, Marketing, Training, and Business Relief.

Business Development Fund (BDF) Guidelines and Application

Entrepreneurship and Business Development (EBD) Program

The Entrepreneurship and Business Development (EBD) Program assists in the pursuit of economic opportunities for the benefit of Aboriginal people. The program includes project-based support for activities that facilitate the establishment or expansion of Aboriginal businesses. The Kivalliq Inuit Association delivers the EBD Program on behalf of the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor) in the Kivalliq region. For more information about this program, please consult CanNor’s website CanNor EBD information page or contact The Kivalliq Inuit Association’s Department of Inuit Programs and Services at 867-645-5725; 800-220-6581.

CanNor EBD Application Form

Inuit Opportunities Fund

The primary objective of the Inuit Opportunities Fund is to support economic activities related to tourism by Inuit-owned or –controlled business ventures in Baker Lake. Priority will be given to Inuit Firms that are:

  • Collaborating with other Inuit-owned firms instead of competing with them (non-Inuit firms are excluded);
  • Purchasing goods or services from other Inuit-owned Firms;
  • Attracting foreign investment;
  • Protecting the environment instead of potentially damaging it;
  • Collectively-owned instead of individual-owned;
  • In future industries instead of current industries;
  • Labor-intensive instead of capital-intensive;
  • 100% Inuit-owned instead of lower Inuit-ownership (Any 51% Inuit-owned Firm must have an Inuit ownership increase plan in place);
  • Technology-intensive instead of technology-free;
  • Leveraging other programs instead of the Inuit Opportunities Fund alone;
  • Right-sized instead of ambitiously-sized.

The maximum amount of funding for each approved application and the requirement for contributed equity will be as follows:

Project Type Maximum Contribution Level Required Cash Equity Requirement to Leverage Other Programs
Feasibility study; business planning; market study $15,000 0% yes
Business valuation; asset condition assessments and appraisals $15,000 0% yes
Legal and other professional fees; negotiation; $10,000 10% yes
Accounting support and training; management and technical training; $10,000 10% yes
Purchase of assets; operating costs of a start-up $25,000 10% yes


Inuit Opportunities Fund Application Form

For more information about this program, please contact:

Inuit Programs and Services Department
Kivalliq Inuit Association
Tel: 867-645-5725;
Toll-free: 1-800-220-6581
Fax: 867-645-2348

Summer Work Experience Program

This program provides youth with summer employment opportunities where they can gain work experience and develop important skills such as communication, problem-solving and teamwork. The First Nations and Inuit Summer Work Experience Program is part of the First Nations and Inuit Youth Employment Strategy.

For more information about this program, please click here: Summer Work Experience Program