About KIA

The Kivalliq Inuit Association

KIA is a “Designated Inuit Organization” (DIO), which represents the interests of all Inuit living in the Kivalliq Region, acts as a lobbying group, administers and monitors certain provisions of the Nunavut Final Agreement in the Kivalliq Region.

The KIA mission is to represent, in a fair and democratic manner, Inuit of the Kivalliq Region in the development, protection, administration and advancement of their rights and benefits as an aboriginal people; as well as to promote their economic, social, political and cultural well-being through succeeding generations.

KIA goals to fulfill its mission:

  • To preserve Inuit heritage, culture and language.
  • To manage Inuit owned lands in the region and provide information to and consult with land claims beneficiaries on land use.
  • To protect Arctic Wildlife and the environment, thereby preserving traditional uses for current and future generations.
  • To assist Inuit in the Kivalliq region in training and preparation for a Nunavut Territory.