• The Kivalliq Inuit Association is working towards moving away from paper and email applications for the various programs and services and will start to accept only applications received on-line! The Traditional Economy Fund Grant (TEF) and the Nunavut Harvesters Support program applications are currently the only application available online. For more information regarding these or other programs and the online applications, please review the Funding Program link below.
  • The KIA elections unofficial results will be updated regularly starting after the polls close this evening at Unofficial Elections Results Page..

The Kivalliq Inuit Association

KIA is a “Designated Inuit Organization” (DIO), which represents the interests of all Inuit living in the Kivalliq Region, acts as a lobbying group, administers and monitors certain provisions of the Nunavut Final Agreement in the Kivalliq Region.

The KIA mission is to represent, in a fair and democratic manner, Inuit of the Kivalliq Region in the development, protection, administration and advancement of their rights and benefits as an aboriginal people; as well as to promote their economic, social, political and cultural well-being through succeeding generations.

KIA goals to fulfill its mission:

  • To preserve Inuit heritage, culture and language.
  • To manage Inuit owned lands in the region and provide information to and consult with land claims beneficiaries on land use.
  • To protect Arctic Wildlife and the environment, thereby preserving traditional uses for current and future generations.
  • To assist Inuit in the Kivalliq region in training and preparation for a Nunavut Territory.

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Our Programs

Bereavement & Compassionate Program

Travel assistance for registered Kivalliqmiut, to care for a terminally ill family member; or to attend to the final arrangements of a deceased family member.


Cultural Programs

Programs and funding opportunities that support the protection and promotion of Inuit culture, societal values and language.


Funding Programs

Financial support programs for the business community in the Kivalliq.




Access to key information, documents and progress updates.



Understand the democratic process that governs the Kivalliq Inuit Association.


Careers & Opportunities

Developing a workforce representative of the Inuit population in the Kivalliq.