Access to Inuit-Owned Lands

Access to Inuit-Owned Lands

As part of a regulated process, when an application is received, the Lands Department ensures consultations with Community Land and Resource Committees (CLARCS) occur and that those recommendations supplement the procedural review(s) by the regulating agencies/boards who share in the land management responsibilities in Nunavut.

For all and any activity proposed on Inuit-Owned Lands in the region, regardless of the requirement of a permit, lease or license, must be reported to the KivIA Lands Department.

Prior authorization is indisputably required in order to access Inuit-Owned Land by any person for the following purposes:

  • Any operation of a private, commercial, or public nature occurring on Inuit-Owned Lands;
  • Mining or quarrying of all types (with exception of carving stone, to which Inuit have exclusive rights);
  • Recreational use of land; or
  • Right of Way.

Because of the significant cultural, historic, and harvesting sources located at Marble Island, Mitillik and Quartzite Island located on the west coast of Hudson Bay, KivIA has exclusive possession of these islands. Exclusive possession removes the right of the public (non-beneficiaries including cruise ships and other foreign vessels) to access, harvest wildlife, or to cross these parcels of land without consent from the KivIA Lands Department.

Application to Access Inuit Owned Lands and Water Use

KIA Land Use License Terms and Conditions


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