Kivalliq Commmunity Cultural Initiative Program Funding


The Kivalliq Inuit Association has funding available for grants and contributions to support community based initiatives that foster and enhance Inuit traditional skills and activities as well as promoting and/or maintaining the Inuit language. Through this program, Kivalliq beneficiaries can run community based programs organized and operated by its community members. It is the responsibility of KIA and KCCIP recipients to work together to successfully coordinate and run their programs.


Eligibility for funding is open but limited to Inuit registered under the Nunavut Agreement living in the Kivalliq region.

Funding is prioritized to individuals to run community based projects. Groups, committees, councils and staff from non-for-profit organizations will be considered last priority depending on funding availability.


It is extremely important for approved recipients to stay within their allocated budgets. KIA will not, under any circumstances cover overspending by the recipient. It is the responsibility of the recipient to stay within their budgets. If the recipient over spends in one area of their budget they will have to make cuts in another area of their budget.

Budget guidelines include:

 Maximum $5000 per proposal request  Administrative fees (book keeper/secretary) must NOT exceed more than 10% ($500) of total budget  Rental fees must NOT exceed 20% ($1000) of total budget  Instructor fees must NOT exceed 40% ($2000) of total budget  Funding must be spent before fiscal year end- March 31  Payments will be sent through mail only  Approved applicants must purchase snacks that fall under the Nunavut Health guide (Cannot purchase junk food, pop, chips etc.)

The following items will not be considered for funding:  Capital Assets such as ATV’s, boats, sewing machines, video cameras etc. cannot be purchased ONLY rented  Budget items that exceed budget guidelines  Programs that do NOT foster, enhance and promote traditional skills and/or language will automatically be declined.  Approved applicants cannot purchase tobacco products

Guidelines of proposal must include:

 2 reference letters from non-family member  For approved applicants- Public announcements must be made to the community through social media, radio etc. for all approved applicants who will deliver the program  For approved applicants- Selection of participants for programs must be chosen fairly by the instructor, elder and administrator  Please provide quotes if you are purchasing materials and supplies for your project.


Completion of program must be written and sent to KIA Program Officer or KIA’s Community Liaison Officer. You may request for a report template from KIA Social Development Department or write a report in your own format with the requested information written below.

Report must include:  Pictures of project- minimum 2 photos- Photo consent release form included in report  Number and names of participants  What they have learnt during the program  Challenges faced during program delivery  Success stories  For media such as news (ex. CBC), facebook etc. Individuals must recognize KIA financial contribution towards project  If Purchase Orders are used- Please send receipt after purchase  A cheque request form must be requested from CLO or Program Officer and sent to KIA head office for payments such as Instructor fees, rental fees etc..

KCCIP Schedule

Annual intake of KCCIP applications

Seasonal intake and closing dates

Spring Activities Opens-April 1st Closes- May 15th
Summer Activities Opens-May 16th  Closes-June 30th
Fall activities Opens July 1st Closes-August 31st
Early winter activities Opens-September 1st Closes-November 15th
Winter Opens-November 16th Closes-January 30th

Please send completed application forms to or your KIA CLO within your community based on the schedule above.

Application Process

Following are the next steps in the application process:

1.) The Social Development Program Officer reviews the application and documentation submitted. The Program Officer may contact the recipient for additional information.

2.) The selection committee will review your application shortly after the closing dates.

3.) After a committee meeting, the Program Officer will notify the applicant. If an applicant is approved, the committee will send an approval letter which outlines the terms and conditions along with any other documents needing to be signed.  In the case of rejected applications, a letter is sent to the client advising the reasons of rejection.  For deferred applications, the Program Officer consults with the applicant, advises why the application was deferred, and explains requirements to have the application reviewed again by the Committee.

4.) When a signed copy of the documents are received, and after all conditions associated with the funding, applicants may request for a Purchase Order (PO) from KIA to purchase approved budget items.

5.) Approved applicants may request for a Cheque requisition form to fill out and submit for Instructor fees, administrative fees, Honoria, rental fees and other related expenses.


If you have any questions after reading these guidelines, please contact:

Manager Inuit Programs & Services, Qovik Netser Email: Phone: 867-645-5726


KIA Receptionist Email: Phone: 867-645-5725 Toll-free: 1-800-220-6581

Kivalliq Inuit Association Po Box 340 Rankin Inlet, NU X0G-0G0 Fax: 867-645-2348


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