Traditional Economy Fund

Traditional Economy Fund

Formerly called Contributions to Small Business (CSB)

The Contributions to Small Business Program has been replaced by the Traditional Economy Fund (TEF).The Traditional Economy Fund provides access to those in need of small-scale grants for equipment, tools, and materials necessary for harvesting and arts & crafts-related activities by providing contributions of up to $1,500. per applicant with priorities given to the following applicants who….

      • Have not previously received funding;
        •    Are relieving poverty among Inuit in the region;
        •    Are willing to sell what they produce;
        •    Are collaborating with other Inuit instead of competing with them;
        •    Are purchasing goods or services from Inuit-owned firms;
        •    Are protecting the environment;
        •    Are in future industries instead of current industries;
        •    Use technology, where desired

For more information please review the application guidelines below.

To be fair to all potential applicants, those who receive funding are eligible to re-apply only after a period of two years.

****Please Note, KIA has implemented a new policy regarding the submission of applications for the TEF program. From this point on, the KIA will only accept online applications. Please review the TEF Policy below. Once you are ready, please click on the online application form below to start your application. It is important to include copies of actual quotes from providers and is required as part of the application process. For more information, contact your local CLOs in your community.

Traditional Economy Fund Policy

Traditional Economy Fund Application Form