Traditional Economy Fund Application

    This application is designed to provide financial aid to Inuit living in the Kivalliq Region that are in need of support to buy harvesting equipment and Arts & Craft supplies on eligible costs of up to $1500
    This application is intended for a one time $1500/year per household. If anyone else in your household received this funding for the current fiscal year, your application will be denied


    Full Name:(as it appears in your ID)
    NTI Number:
    Date of Birth:
    PO Box #:
    Postal Code:
    House # and street address:
    Email Address:
    Home Phone:
    Cell Phone:
    Work Phone:

    Have you lived in the Kivalliq Region in the past 12 months?


    Brief description of what funding is to be used for


    Attach All quotes and/or receipts from suppliers including all taxes and shipping fees to your community. the total must add up to the total on the quotes and/or receipts.

    Budget Item:
    Project Total:
    Attach copies of quotes (PDF Copies Preferred)


    Clarify Other detail or employment information

    Household Information

    Enter all names that live in your household and your relationship to them
    Please list other family in household if more room needed below.

    Value of Contribution Statement

    The Kivalliq Inuit Association would like to see how this funding support Inuit, please enter as much information as you can if you are a Hunter (Harvester) or if you provide goods from Arts and Crafts (art pieces, sewing projects or similar)
    If you are a harvester, please enter an estimated annual value of your harvest of all wildlife throughout the year. If you are an arts and crafts manufacturer, please enter the estimated value of your sales throughout the year.
    (As an example, 15 caribou/year at $400 each = $6000.00 plus qamutik rent out $500 = $6500.00 or 5 Parkas a year at $350/parka = $1750 plus Mitt Sales = $450 equals $2200.00)
    Estimated annual value of harvest or arts/craft work:

    Declaration and Submission

    By clicking on the submit button below, I swear that all of the information provided in this form and in the quotes are true and correct; if I am approved, I agree to provide receipts upon request by the Kivalliq Inuit Association; and that I believe this declaration to be true and know that it is the same as if made under oath.